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7 Day Extended Forecast
Day Forecast last updated : Wednesday 20, 02:20    Temp Wind Speed (km/h)  Humidity  UV Index 24hr Rain Prob Of Rain
Wed Afternoon Clouds Afternoon Clouds. mild.   27 | 21°C  12-SSE   76%   high   *   21% 
Thu Morning Clouds Morning Clouds. warm.   28 | 21°C  2-S   76%   high   *   21% 
Fri Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy. warm.   30 | 22°C  8-NNE   83%   high   *   10% 
Sat More Sun than clouds More Sun than clouds. warm.   31 | 22°C  19-NE   61%   high   *   0% 
Sun Afternoon Clouds showers late. Afternoon Clouds. mild.   28 | 21°C  43-S   73%   high   2.3mm   26% 
Mon Decreasing Cloudiness Decreasing Cloudiness. mild.   25 | 19°C  16-S   74%   high   *   10% 
Tue Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy. mild.   27 | 20°C  21-SSW   83%   high   *   10% 
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Extended Marine Forecast for Durban
day Surf Conditions Wave Height. Mean Wave Direction/Period. Wind Wave Direction/Period Sea Surface Temp
Wed Light chop. Head-high waves. Medium waves 2.0 meters SSW/8.05 SSW/7.48 24°
Thu Light chop. Shoulder-high waves. Medium waves 1.6 meters SSE/10.37 SSE/7.34 24°
Fri Choppy. Head-high waves. Medium waves 2.1 meters SSW/11.70 ENE/5.97 24°
Sat Choppy. Overhead waves. Large waves 2.5 meters ESE/12.88 ENE/6.62 24°
Sun Rough. Double overhead waves. Big waves 3.7 meters SSW/9.36 SSW/8.31 24°
Sun Rise Sun set.
Wed * 06:59 PM
Thu 05:14 AM 06:58 PM
Fri 05:15 AM 06:58 PM
day Wind Conditions Speed Direction
Wed Breezy conditions.  22.78 Km/ph  South. 
Thu Breezy conditions.  22.95 Km/ph  East North East. 
Fri Small craft advisory likely.  34.38 Km/ph  East North East. 
Sat Windy conditions.  33.46 Km/ph  North East. 
Sun Small craft advisory likely.  48.98 Km/ph  South South West. 

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